We are specialists in the field of private label, offering our own formulas for your brand and professional cosmetics. 

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More than 600 color references, with a variety of containers and capacities for each type of application.


Packaging suitable for technical products that complete the coloring line: 

  • Oxygenated 
  • Decolorations
  • Bleaching powder 


Available in different colors.


We have a wide variety of containers, formats, caps and colors with different materials suitable for hair cosmetic products.

Discover the most suitable design for your line! We advise you.

  • Shampoo
  • Mask
  • Conditioners


More than 20 references of containers with valves adapted for the finishing products of your hair cosmetics line, from leave-in to serum.

Their valves allow the liquid condensation to be expelled correctly, being 100% suitable for hair cosmetic products.

Different colors, valves, dispensers, containers… Choose yours now!

Efficient Production and Manufacturing

At Egalle, we use tanks called IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container). These tanks have a maximum capacity of around 1000 liters and are designed to store and transport all kinds of liquids, substances and bulk materials in a comfortable and safe way.

They have multiple benefits in terms of safety such as recycling, as well as the environment since they prevent pollution caused by reducing the need to consume new raw materials and energy.
They also enable the efficient use of plastic material by requiring fewer containers to make the same number of trips between distributors and end users.